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Fantastic Nails is a new nail salon in Tampa. The owner David opened the nail salon after seeing how poor customer service and the quality of service was being offered at many other nail salons in Tampa.

David has a background in business management and retail customer service. He manages the front of the house and makes sure that every customer is getting amazing service and is having the best possible experience. You will likely be greeted by David when you enter the salon or speak to him on the phone when you call us.

As you know, there are many Nail Salons in Tampa, but most just do an okay job and rush to get you and in out, nothing that really blows your mind. This is because salon owners try to fit in as many customers as possible to increase daily sales. When doing this, it pressures the nail technicians to work faster and sometimes they cut corners. Furthermore, this effects customer service and your overall experience. Fantastic Nails was built around good old fashion customer service and the highest quality nail services you will find. You will notice our girls take their time and are very detailed with your nails. The owner David, never rushes the girls and would rather you have an amazing experience with nails that are done above and beyond what you would get elsewhere.

When we hire our Nail Technicians, we make sure we hire people that put the customer first. This means they have a very good temperament with a lot of patience. We want you the customer to be able to tell us when something is not right without having to worry about if it seems abrasive and causes drama. Our nail techs will never give you an attitude, they take so much pride in what they do and seeing a smile on your face is what matters to them. The most important thing to us is that you get what you want and that you naturally feel like bragging to your friends about the amazing experience you just had.

The owner here really cares about your experience and it will show, guaranteed. If you have been searching for “Nail Salon Tampa” like so many of our customers, we urge you to give us a try, we won’t let you down! Book online today by clicking the “Book Now” button below and come let us make your nails look Fantastic!

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